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9:40 am

Connecting with Connected Workflow™: A Seamless Solution for Visibility, Control, and Accuracy of Your Application Fleet.

Paul Welbig, Director of Sales for Slingshot & Strategic Accounts

Connecting with Raven’s software capabilities and high-quality hardware extends Connected Workflow™ that syncs operations from office to the field and back again with other software partners. We’ll share what’s possible with Raven and highlight how we helped one retailer eliminate double entry – helping them reduce errors and operate more efficiently than ever before.

9:55 am

As Operations Expand, How Do We Exceed Service Demands and Attract More Customers? How Technology is Helping Meet That Goal.

Carlos Hirsch, Head of Sales

What if technology could improve the efficiency of your ag retail operation, while saving you money on your rolling fleet? By connecting real-time data across the field, you can fine-tune your entire system to improve the way you do custom application. Learn how a simple technology solution pulls together your unique inputs and uses machine learning to automate operations from farm to farm – for higher quality of service to growers and better outcomes.

10:10 am

Powerful Potential with AGI SureTrack

Shane Rollins, Territory Sales Manager

Through extensive collaboration with growers and ag-service providers, SureTrack has created an intuitive, powerful solution with productivity and efficiency in mind. Utilizing AGI SureTrack’s multiple pillars, all types of data can be gathered, stored, and leveraged.

10:40 am

Ag Retail and Growers: A Winners’ Game

Dan Cosgrove, Growers Edge CEO

Learn how ag retailers and growers can both find success with data-driven risk management and lending solutions.

10:55 am

Optimizing Yield with Protein Mapping: Measure, Manage, Grow.

Victoria Clancy, Marketing Manager

Attendees will learn that by measuring protein in real time as the grain is harvested allows for a deeper insight into their crops’ performance, the soils performance, and how CropScanAg Solutions Nutrient Management Strategy will enable growers to achieve the optimal protein and yield for each field.

11:10 am

How to Save Costs on Crop Inputs and Reduce Input Provider Administrative Expenses

Badri Narasimhan, CEO of and  Patty Judge, former Lieutenant Governor and former Agriculture Secretary of Iowa’s new platform allows growers to discover and request quotes from multiple input providers in minutes through digital interactions between input providers and growers. This innovative technology can help reduce yield risk by 11% for the grower, and simultaneously save an estimated 7% on administrative costs for the input provider by making the switch to digital interactions.

11:25 am

Understanding the Realities & Limitations of Today’s Satellite Imagery

Dave Gebhardt, Ph.D., SVP EarthDaily Analytics & General Manager of Geosys

Learn about the limitations of remote sensing for ag and how the next generation of satellites will provide new capabilities in the areas of geospatial analytics, carbon sequestration, water management, and managing risk for ag lending and insurance.

1:30 pm

Data Interoperability Drives Digital Engagement

Kyle Owen, Vice President, Digital Agronomic Solutions, Client Services

Ag Retailers: Time spent with a grower should be focused on partnering in their operation for success. Building a digital relationship can strengthen this bond and with good data interoperability, needed data is available to make best decisions possible.

1:45 pm

Improving Stewardship & Compliance Through Software Workflows

Liz Magill, President of CDMS

Crop Advisors: Accurate data integrated into your software workflows helps streamline recommendation decisions and regulatory compliance.

2:00 pm

Irrigation Technology and the Future of Crop Management

Troy Long, VP Technology

Learn about how some of the latest innovations in crop health management tools are coming together to optimize in-season crop performance. This presentation will provide a brief overview of a variety of innovative solutions in the Valley Irrigation portfolio, including Valley Irrigation Scheduling, Valley Variable Rate Irrigation (VRI) and Valley Insights.

2:15 pm

What Growers Want from Your Digital App (Hint: It’s More Than E-Commerce)

Alexander Reichert, CEO and Co-Founder

Third-party disrupters made it seem like e-commerce was what growers wanted. Fast forward three years and you’ll see a different story. Producers want a digital way to interact with their trusted retailer. Join us to hear more about what customers expect and how to win with the producer of tomorrow.

3:10 pm

Hidden Potential in Crop Insurance

Dawn Stoppelmoor, FMH Business Development Manager

A look at how Farmers Mutual Hail leverages new technology in an old industry, including testing aerial imagery for crop claims, incorporating precision ag data for more accurate coverage, and exploring technology beyond the field for insurance agents.

3:25 pm

The Carbon Game: Data Needed for a Winning Hand

Steve Cubbage, VP Data Services

The industry is buzzing about carbon markets, but did you know precision agronomy and ag retailers hold the cards to a farmer’s successful participation? Learn how real-time data tech is helping trusted advisors automatically generate data layers that can open doors for farmers.

3:40 pm

The Power of Combining Market Intelligence Data with Agronomic Insight

Noah Freeman, Head of Product

What is the power of combining agronomic data models with farm-and-field grower intelligence data? Imagine being able to know growth stages and field conditions on all your customers’ and prospects’ fields along with grower personas on how to best communicate with each customer. This is what the combination of ClearAG and Farm Market iD data, applications, and APIs can bring to your agriculture business.


9:35 am

InField App: Filling the Communication Gap Between Grower and Advisor

Zach Worden, Regional Sales Manager

InField is a mobile farm management app that allows you to share real-time, in-field data with your team and a self-selected network of farmers, all for free. No one farms alone; stay connected with InField.

9:50 am

Level Up Your Liquid Fertilizer and Crop Protection with Aqua-Yield Nanoliquid Technology

Joe Pflum, Regional Manager, Eastern Cornbelt

Joe Pflum shares his experience as a farmer and ag professional that has led him to a career with Aqua-Yield®. Aqua-Yield® is a young company founded by sod farmers who discovered a way to efficiently deliver nutrients and crop protection products through nanoliquid technology. Through the use of this technology, growers worldwide are sustainably growing their profits by solving plant absorption problems.

10:05 am

Boldly Grow with Raven Driverless Ag Technology

Paul Welbig, Director of Sales for Slingshot & Strategic Accounts

Raven’s new approach to Driverless Ag Technology delivers easy-to-implement autonomous farm solutions. They help farmers and ag retailers maximize time, safety, and efficiency as the equipment does more of the heavy lifting. Now, you can do more, get more, and give more with every minute of your day. These growth platforms are called OMNiDRIVE™ and OMNiPOWER™. And they are like nothing you’ve ever seen before.

10:20 am

Elevating Precision Ag: Drones for In-Field Applications

Michael Ott, CEO

Drones are a buzzworthy technology, but how do they actually work in agriculture today? Glad you asked! In this session, Rantizo CEO, Michael Ott will share how Rantizo is bringing drones to in-field applications across the U.S. More importantly, he will discuss how taking a systems approach and utilizing the data that exists already can mean cost-effective results for growers and new business opportunities for ag retail.

10:35 am

How Using Data Science Can Improve Decision Making in the Ag Industry

Tim Davis, VP Ag Markets

Tight supplies coupled with less than ideal growing conditions in some areas have created huge volatility in the grain markets. Now is a great time to advance your understanding of how using innovative analytical tools developed by Main Street Data can help you make more informed decisions to improve production and manage price risk for your ag business and your customers.

1:30 pm

Do Your Job at Your Ag Retail Location

Jeremy Wilson, Senior Vice President, Digital Agronomic Solutions

Bill Belichick has the made the statement “Do Your Job” famous during his time in New England. Many different people at your retail location need different information to “do their job” for location success. Are you providing your team the tools to “do your job”?

1:45 pm

Say “What” Again, I Dare Ya!

Simon Andrys, Marketing Director

We double dare you to keep texting your drivers, running a paper trail, and keeping your customers in the dark. Razor Tracking is agriculture, and has everything you need to manage your operations in real-time and to leave all of the questions in the dust. From tracking and inspections, to dash cameras and tank monitors, and everything in between – our platform was built to put efficiency in overdrive!

2:00 pm

Modern Agronomy: From Profitability to Resilience

Elyssa McFarland, Director of Project Management and  Lauden Wheeler, Digital Agronomist

Historically, ag has prioritized capacity and growth. Priorities are changing as farmers realize that sustainable practices present opportunities and aid in making their operations resilient. This talk will highlight Regrow’s technology and how it can assist in building profitability today while considering the impacts of tomorrow.

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