Kylen Hunt

COO, Kylen Hunt & Co.

Kylen is an entrepreneur’s entrepreneur. His passion is to build the people who want to build a business. In the last six years, Kylen has led a team responsible for recruiting, training, and equipping over 300 entrepreneurs nationwide.

Knowing that leadership would be extremely important to his success, he enrolled in a certification program with John Maxwell and the John Maxwell Team. Today Kylen is a certified Speaker, Trainer, and Business Coach. And in the last few years, he has developed relationships with several global leaders who are mentoring him to this day.

Kylen invests most of his time delivering value through keynote events, designing original content to fulfill specific business demands, and providing coaching focused training to small businesses across the nation.

Rebecca Hunt, Co-Owner of Kylen Hunt and Co., runs the daily operations, develops online marketing programs, and keeps Kylen organized!