David Scheiderer

President, Integrated Ag Services

Scheiderer spent his early career working in the retail crop protection and nutrient supply business. In 1990 he and his wife, Zita, established Integrated Ag Services, an agronomic consulting firm. IAS has expanded services over the years, providing agronomic data management services, high-definition ½ – to ¼-acre grid soil sampling, and AI drone scouting. While our approach has evolved over time, the core mission has remained the same, “to provide the very best agronomic, economic, environmental advice to customers.”

Scheiderer graduated from The Ohio State University with a Bachelor’s degree in agronomy, and he continues to collaborate with OSU professors on agronomy and technology research projects.

Over the years, Wessels was one of the first individuals to work with growers on grid soil sampling and variable rate fertility, then to have variable yield zones for fertility and then progress to variable rate seeding. He has always strived to provide what is the best program for the grower to receive the most benefit.