Ben Amerin

Owner, Amerin Family Farms

Soil Health and Regenerative Ag Advisor – Plains KS In 2011 Ben’s operations were hit hard by drought. This geared Ben towards thinking more in depth about water management, maximizing each drop as if it were his last. Then in 2016 the rains started to return in excess. Once again Ben’s operations started to drop in efficiency. These two events caused Ben to look towards water and soil management from both sides of the spectrum (too much, too little). Ben has adopted his operations towards regenerative Ag with a proficiency for intense water management. He learned early on in his career the importance of water management on overall soil health and crop yield. As Ben continued to improve, his fellow producers did not. Ben realized that adaptation and adoption were going to be extremely hard for a lot of producers to overcome. He has learned that collaboration and leadership will be key for continued improvement on all operations as well as his own.