We are committed to ensuring your safety and well-being. Please review this Safe Event Protocol that will be in effect for the 2021 Tech Hub LIVE Conference and Expo to help you plan for your participation. All participants will be required to agree to these guidelines during registration by clicking to confirm the Terms & Conditions.

We thank the Iowa Events Center for working with us to develop a framework to help us all return to in-person events safely. We are very fortunate to be partnered with such a world-class facility with state-of-the-art flexibility and tremendous space to accommodate such a thoughtful post-covid event layout.

We will continue to monitor the guidance offered by Iowa Events Center, The City of Des Moines, and the CDC. As the situation with COVID-19 is evolving, we too will update our protocol to reflect the precautions necessary to hold a safe and productive in-person event in July. We look forward to seeing you all again in-person very soon!

Last Updated: June 17, 2021


The City of Des Moines and the Iowa Events Center have both updated their COVID protocols, consistent with CDC guidance that face coverings are no longer needed for fully vaccinated individuals but necessary for those unvaccinated. Tech Hub LIVE adheres to these guidelines: unvaccinated attendees are to wear masks while participating at Tech Hub LIVE. Vaccinated attendees can make their own choice.

We are thoughtful that everyone’s personal situation is unique and the mask policies where you live and work may be different. Many staff and attendees may choose to continue to wear a mask. We thank everyone for their understanding and support during this time and appreciate everyone’s commitment to come together and make this a safe space for everyone.

Cleaning & Disinfection

Enhanced cleaning and sanitizing procedures will continue to be in place throughout the entire facility. This includes but is not limited to increased sanitization of high-contact areas including doors, railings and concession counters. Hand sanitizing stations will be available throughout the event space. Please see the Iowa Events Center website for the most up to date cleaning protocols.

 Physical Distancing

All spaces have been designed to accommodate physical distancing and will remain as such. Please be aware of all signage and unique requirements for each space.  Per CDC guidance, unvaccinated individuals will  continue to socially distance at 6 feet apart.

 Tradeshow Floor

The tradeshow floor will remain an extra spacious and physically distanced experience. Main aisles will be 20 feet wide and networking areas are expanded.

Specific Guidance for the Field Tour

Consistent with Des Moines public transportation policies, masks will be required for all passengers on the bus. Masks will be provided. When not in transit, we expect all field day participants to follow the above general guidance for Tech Hub LIVE.

 Specific Guidance for Tech Hub LIVE’s Iowa Welcome Reception

Consistent with Des Moines public transportation policies, masks will be required for all passengers on the bus. Masks will be provided. While at Exile Brewing Company, all attendees must abide by the policies in place at Exile. Weather permitting, we will have access to a large outdoor patio, and Exile has iWave air ionizers throughout the entire brewery for purified indoor air.


 CDC Guidance for Vaccinated People:

CDC Guidance for Unvaccinated People:

City of Des Moines Face Covering Mandate:

Iowa Events Center COVID-19 Information: