Tech Hub LIVE Partner Profile

EFC Systems, Inc.

EFC Systems is pleased to be a founding Education Partner of Tech Hub LIVE because we feel education is the last milestone to address in significantly advancing technology for ag retailers/service providers and farmers. This education need is not simply about how to use something but the more complete understanding of the relevance and downstream benefits to new processes and tools. Our involvement at this event is important to further evangelize and showcase how enterprise alignment around how you serve a grower as a partner can bring not only efficiency but also tighter relationships. When farmers and service providers alike see the value in altered methods of interacting and operating, it will drive adoption to the levels that improve farm profitability and bring efficiency to the retail organization. Tech Hub LIVE provides a great opportunity for growers and retailers to learn about both agronomy and technology topics, with our particular emphasis on relevance and value. Farming is more than yield, just as its more than technology and we are excited to invite our customers to attend this event so we may collectively elevate the farmgate conversation. So, the secret is out, EFC Systems is not really focused on our ERP and ag tech solutions alone, but rather on supporting and accelerating changes that improve your operation, best done by education.